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What to Do When Your Baby Tugs

Your baby’s hair-pulling high jinks probably started innocently enough. He yanked your hair by accident, you let out a yelp, he giggled, you couldn’t help but laugh back (it was so cute the first time!), and, voilà, a game of cause and effect was born.

Keep these tips in mind if you want to end baby hair pulling:

Taming the Tugs

To rein in a baby’s unwanted pinches and pokes:

Put on the brakes

With kids younger than 1, simply and gently stop the offending behavior. If your baby pinches you, remove her hand. If she’s biting you, place two fingers in her mouth, separate her jaws, and pull her away. At the same time, say firmly, “No. That hurts Mommy.”

Don’t overreact

An older baby might think it’s funny if you jump or flinch, and will do it again to get another rise out of you.

Offer an alternative

Show her a gentler way to touch someone. If she tugs your hair, take her hand and demonstrate how to softly stroke it.

Eliminate temptation

Wall found it helpful to keep her hair back and wear a collared shirt – things that made it more difficult for Ashley to reach her target.

Set an example

Handle your baby gently, since squeezing her adorable cheeks may not be so comfy either, and may send the message that it’s fine to do so.

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