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What kids Love to Do with Parents

Kids are great, aren’t they? There are innumerable things kids love, and those things have the ability to teach us the most important lessons of life. We as adults think that we know everything about life, and when it comes to kids, we inadvertently get into a preaching mode and tend to give them unsolicited sermons. But, we need to practice to shift our attention to what kids love to do. And, from the things kids like to do, we too can learn the true meaning of happiness in life that even the best books can’t teach. For example, kids can teach us a lot, especially how to slow down in our fast-paced life and pay attention to what is truly important in life.

Here are the list of little things kids love a lot. If we try to abide by these, we can make our children happy and at the same time, get back to reliving our childhood and savor the real happiness of life.

Undivided attention

One of the things children love the most is, getting full attention. But, isn’t it true with we adults as well? So, put that phone away and meet your child eye to eye. Really pay attention to them, and nothing else, and they will shower you with the purest love in the world.

Their world

It seems like one of the things all kids is living in a continual world of make-believe. As a parent, you have to be responsible and level-headed. But, once in a while, step outside of the adult zone and act more child-like. One excellent way to do this is to join their make-believe world. Who cares if Legos aren’t actually alive? Just go with it and have fun!

Creative pursuits

Kids love to create, even if what they are painting or gluing together isn’t a masterpiece. The important part is the process. This is one of the most important lessons to be learned, as we, grown-ups are always more result-oriented. And, amidst the race of achieving success, we forget enjoying the process and living life!

Dance parties

If you are ruminating over what do kids love, dancing is what they love! Dancing allows them to express themselves freely, and also, it is one of the best ways to exercise. So, get a bunch of kid dance tunes going and let loose! Show your kids some of your own dance moves.


Cuddling is one of the things that all kids love. Kids need physical touch, and nothing is better than cuddles. Some kids ask for them, and others act up until you realize that they need a little love. So, when you realize that your kids are unreasonably cranky, now you know what needs to be done!

Best friends

Kids love their parents, and nothing can alter this fact. But, at the same time, it is also true that they need people of their own age who love and accept them. So, always encourage and help them foster friendships with other great kids.


Kids won’t tell in words that they need rules and boundaries, but they will with their actions. Kids who test boundaries and rules are actually checking the structure to see how strong it is. When they realize it is strong, they feel more secure.


Well, when you are thinking about what do little kids like, try to also focus on what they don’t like. For example, children obviously don’t like to be told what to do. As they age, they especially appreciate choices. Even if it’s a matter of choosing between which chores to do, or when they do to them, they love the power of choice. It helps them have a little bit of control.

Playing outside

One of the answers to what do little kids like to do is, they love playing outside! Children get cabin fever if they’ve been cooped up too long. So, throw the ball back and forth, hop on your bikes, or go for a hike. Get outdoors and have fun playing.

Not be in a rush

Stomping in puddles and smelling the flowers are just part of the fun when a kid goes anywhere. So if you’re headed to the store or doctor’s office together, leave early to factor in some time to not be in a rush.

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