Self-Care Gifts for the Busy Moms

Moms are often the hardest people to shop for. After all, how can you ever possibly repay us for bringing humans into the world and then catering to their every whim? It’s a tall order, but, fortunately, there are carefully curated websites out there that have basically done all of the work for you. Decorated is one such site that offers beautiful, luxurious products for the home—an especially appealing feature given how much time we now spend in our houses. While there are hundreds of items that will make the mom in your life feel loved and pampered, we’ve narrowed it down for this holiday season.

These gifts are fool-proof and she is guaranteed to get some quality self-care time with these items:

A Cozy Blanket

What woman on earth couldn’t use a nice night on the couch doing absolutely nothing, taking care of no one but herself and watching Netflix? If you come across one, let me know! This blanket is so soft and comes in a variety of colors. She will love that you gave her the excuse to cuddle up on the couch with a cup of hot cocoa after the kids are in bed.

Soft Slippers

Since the busy moms in our lives spend 99% of their lives on their feet, the least we can do is help them walk on clouds while they are at home. These slippers will do just that. They are memory foam and will make the busy lady in your life forget just how much time she spends standing.

Back Massager/Foot Massager

Help mama get off her feet and relax! This massager is amazing and is heated. Once the kids are off to bed, the lady of the house can plug in her mini massager and drift off to the Zen zone. Take “put your feet up” to the next level!

Heated Neck Pillow

This massager is heated and can be worn as mom folds laundry, cleans the dishes, and changes the sheets. It is not cordless and must be plugged into work, but can easily be moved from room to room as she does. It can also be wrapped around her lower back to provide her with extra relief throughout the days.

At-Home Facial Massager

It’s hard for busy moms to get a spa day. Luckily, there are simple ways to create a spa day at home! With this natural jade massager, your favorite mom can give herself a relaxing facial from the comfort of her own home.

Manicure Set

It can be hard to find time for a traditional manicure when you’re a busy mom. With her own manicure set, she can provide herself with a little bit of self-care and give herself a professional-style manicure during her free time.

Yoga Mat

Practicing yoga is a great way to ease stress and get in shape. With this extra thick yoga mat, your mom will be able to stretch the stresses away each day in comfort. And with a variety of patterns and colors to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect yoga mat to help your favorite mother enjoy her daily workout in style.

A Pair of Unique Earrings

For the mom who can rock a bold earring and loves experimenting with style.

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