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Screen-free Activities for kids

So many parents are looking for fresh ideas for screen-free activities for kids now that we finally turned a corner. I know I’m not the only parent with kids whose screen time increased significantly over the quarantine. It was their primary way to connect with friends, not to mention their primary mode of education. So no judgments! But, in an effort to find a little more balance in our lives again and to enjoy these summer months together (not together apart!) , we’ve come up with 50 fun screen-free activities for kids to do over summer break.

You might find tips on managing screen time for kids to be helpful, too, as you make the switch from digital to analog. I know I would love to hear how it goes! We are always looking for more tips from our community.

Rainbow Sensory Play Activity

This food dye pasta discovery bin from Fun at Home with Kids is so easy and colorful! Plus, it’s even safe to taste! What a great idea! This is some frugal fun!

Make A Paper Rose Craft

Make a rose out of paper with these 2 crafts. Brighten a loved one’s day with a homemade bouquet of paper plate roses that won’t ever die. You can also make some pretty roses with a tie-dye effect from coffee filters! It is a fun way to practice fine motor skills too! I think these are the coolest art projects.

Balloon Powered Toy Car Game

On your mark, get set, go! Race cars using balloons for a fun game that also doubles as a science experiment! These balloon powered toy cars are so cool. What a great way to get creative and competitive! What great projects for kids who love cars.

Fun Mop Socks Activity

Put on some music, and clean you floor while getting some exercise, sock mopping! Mop socks are the perfect way to get some energy out, and have fun, while cleaning. Because let’s be honest, mopping the floor usually isn’t that fun. Perfect to get your little kids and other family members cleaning.

Hand Sewing Projects For Kids

Teach your kiddo sewing skills by sewing a pillow buddy for a friend (and then make one to keep!). These hand sewing projects for kids are definitely screen free as it requires your child’s full attention!

Puppets Activities For Kids

Make puppets out of toilet paper rolls and other household items, and then help your kiddos put on a puppet show for the whole family. These puppets for kids are a great screen free activities as it promotes pretend play.

Giant Wooden Blocks Project

Take family game night and summer play dates to the next level by making giant blocks to build a tower with in your backyard! These giant wooden blocks is one of my favorite non screen activities, because not only do you get to craft, but it gets the family outside.

Road Trips

The next time you go to a store that has paint chips (paint color cards), grab a handful of them and make monster puzzles! This is a free, easy, and fun craft that can be done almost anywhere! The finished puzzles are perfect screen free activities for summer road trips, too.

Pretend Snot Craft

Prank a family member with a gross yet fun craft–whip up a batch of pretend snot! This snot is actually a really funny craft to save for those yucky summer sick days when your little one feels gross and cranky.

Fort Building Activities

Some of my best childhood memories involved building a fort with my brother and parents! This is a fun, easy activity that you can do with things around the house. Check out these epic forts made out of cardboard boxes! There are so many fort ideas!

Cardboard Box Activities

I don’t know about you, but I always have a bunch of flattened cardboard boxes in my basement or garage. Pull them out, use your imagination, and play with cardboard boxes this summer. The possibilities are endless!

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