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Effect of junk food on children

Parenting is surely one of the most challenging and absorbing tasks especially for young parents with small kids. It has been seen that children love junk food and parents most of the time are carefree and children as a result form a habit to feed on junk food.

This foodstuff usually is high on sugar, unhealthy fats, additives, flavoring agents and toppings, etc. that are extremely hazardous to the health. As a parent, the prime focus should be to distract children from these junk foods and switch to home-made healthy food.

The list of health complications can be far-reaching. Though not confined to the following yet these are the major ones:

  • Due to the presence of excess sugar, the food appears delicious. But these can lead to severe obesity with more fatigue and less outdoor activities. Due to this, there will be more accumulation of fat, reduced metabolism, and even retarded growth in extreme cases.
  • The unhealthy fats and no fiber makes the digestive enzymes inactive which in turn leads to constipation and other digestive problems as the kids grow up.
  • Fast food usually does not provide any nutrition which thus does not contribute to the development of young minds and makes a child inactive. This over some time makes them less active, less concentrative on any work, and even depressive.
  • Dental ailments, toothache, and dental decay as fast food usually contains dense sugar is another threat these junk foods pose.
  • This food at times can even cause cancer due to the presence of unhealthy food additives if consumed for a prolonged time.
  • In some cases, they can cause allergy and rashes as well.

It is always prudent to consult the best pediatrician or the best child specialist available in the vicinity and take their opinion in developing the health and the healthy food habits of a child.

It is always suggested for parents to be the best chef to their children so that they close-knit and follow parents’ instructions to the core.

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