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BEST-SELLING UK BABY SLEEP AID: With over 1 million sold globally, ewan is working hard to monitor and help babies and toddlers sleep peacefully – which of course means Mum and Dad get a great night’s sleep too! REAL WOMB AND HEARTBEAT SOUNDS: Super cute and cuddly ewan the dream sheep replicates the comfort of the womb with a selection of soothing sounds, including actual recordings of Mum’s womb and heartbeat, to help lull your newborn or toddler into a peaceful slumber. WHITE & PINK NOISE SOUND MACHINE: ewan also has a choice of 3 further mesmerizing sounds including Rainfall, Harp Melody Music, and Vacuum Cleaner, all combined with Mum’s resting heartbeat, to provide an effective shushing toy for settling restless babies and infants. What’s more, these sounds have also been proven to help ease COLIC-induced pain – see, we told you Ewan really does have magical soothing powers! COMFORTING NIGHT LIGHT: Unlike intrusive projector toys, ewan’s soft pink night light glow mimics the womb environment to help comfort and soothe your little one, whilst his magical sounds and plush nightlight feature a 20-minute timer with automatic shut off – saving you the inconvenience of having to get out of bed to switch ewan off! SOOTHE ON-THE-GO: You’ll find ewan loves to travel and is excellent at soothing on-the-go, attaching easily to cot or crib bars, your buggy, or car seats, making him the perfect mobile companion for overnight stays and family vacations, when your little one needs to see a comforting familiar and friendly face!
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Product Description

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Ewan Features

Key Features and Benefits

  • Suitable from Birth
  • Plays 4 Soothing Sounds – White/Pink Noise, Rainfall, Harp Melody, and…Vacuum Cleaner!
  • Night Light – Can be turned manually on/off via pod
  • Timer – Light and sounds feature a 20-minute timer with automatic shut-off
  • Adjustable Volume Control – Set to loud or quiet mode
  • Hook & Loop Tail – Ideal for soothing on-the-go!
  • Requires 3x AAA batteries

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Meet Ewan the Dream Sheep – the PERFECT Baby Gift offering parents the precious gift of sleep with his magical soothing powers!

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White and Pink Noise Sound Machine

  • Cute and cuddly Ewan the Dream Sheep plays soothing white and pink noise sounds including Rainfall, Harp Melody and Vacuum Cleaner (yes you read that right!), all combined with Mum’s resting heartbeat, to provide an effective tool for settling restless babies and infants to sleep – which of course means Mum and Dad get a great night’s sleep too!
  • What’s more, Ewan’s sounds are volume adjustable, helping you tailor specifically to your child’s needs and sleeping environment.

Night Light and Auto Shut-Off Timer

  • Ewan also features a soft pink night light glow which mimics the uterus to help comfort and soothe your little one into a peaceful slumber!
  • Whilst the night light and his sounds have a 20-minute timer with automatic shut off (saving Mum and Dad from the inconvenience of having to manually switch Ewan off once their child has settled), the pink night light feature can also be manually turned on or off if necessary.

REAL Heartbeat and White Noise Recordings

  • Adorable Ewan replicates the comforts of the uterus through actual recordings captured at the low base frequency range that babies predominantly hear pre-birth, known as ‘pink noise’.
  • Unlike other products with computer-generated sounds, research confirms that these sounds are extremely effective at helping reduce colic-induced pain, as they remind your baby of the natural soothing environment of the uterus.
  • Hence, Ewan’s sounds help trigger a calming reflex, helping reduce crying time and inducing quality sleep – see, we told you Ewan really does have magical soothing powers!!!

Travel Friendly – Soothe On-The-Go

  • You’ll find ewan loves to travel and is excellent at soothing on-the-go, attaching easily to crib bars, pushchairs, and/or car seats, making him the perfect companion for overnight stays and family vacations when your little one needs to see a comforting familiar and friendly face!

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Lynda & Bradley

Invented by a Mum of 6

  • Ewan the Dream Sheep was invented by Mum of six, Lynda Harding, whilst she was on maternity leave with her sixth child.
  • Although the sleep routines of her first five children quickly settled into place, when her sixth child Bradley arrived, bedtime wasn’t quite so easy!
  • This prompted Lynda to design a product to settle restless children and promote healthy sleeping patterns, and following extensive research trials, Ewan the Dream Sheep was born!
  • Eight years on from product launch, Lynda couldn’t have ever dreamed that her invention would be such a storming success, with nearly ONE MILLION Ewan’s now living with families worldwide!

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Product Dimensions

‎7.09 x 5.91 x 3.94 cm; 200 Grams


‎3 Lithium Metal batteries required.

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Power source

‎Battery Powered

Batteries required


Is portable


Item Weight

‎200 g



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197 in Baby Products (See Top 100 in Baby Products) 2 in Sleep Soothers

Date First Available

10 July 2015

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40 Reviews For This Product

  1. 40

    by Samantha

    Works Wonders On Our Little One!

    I’ve recently had a baby girl, and heard lots of good things about Ewan the dream sheep, so I decided to buy one myself to see if it worked and I’m glad I did. I decided to buy the grey sheep, as I prefer this colour over the purple one (purple one does the same thing). Ewan arrived very quickly after placing my order, and he was really easy to set up, just simply put 3 AAA batteries inside (not included) and then press one of Ewan’s paws and a sound will play. Each paw has a different noise, the sound of the womb, rain, vacuum cleaner and harp music (all combined with the heartbeat). When you press one of Ewan’s paws, the music will play for 20 minutes and then automatically stop, however if you want the music to stop sooner, you can just hold his paw and the music will stop. You can attach Ewan to your moses basket, cot or car seat, as his tail has velcro on it so he can hang securely. Ewan also doubles as a cute nightlight. Our little baby girl is only 2 weeks old and Ewan works really well on her and he helps her sleep at night. Ewan is lovely and soft too, however I am a little disappointed that you can’t take the battery compartment out to wash Ewan as I can imagine he will get mucky as the little one gets older, so I will just have to hand wash him instead. Overall I’m very happy with Ewan and I could highly recommend him to any new parents.

    20 people found this helpful

  2. 40

    by Stella K.

    Thank you Ewan!

    I had watched videos of this magic sheep calming crying babies so I decided to buy it before our son was born. Ewan is very well made, of high quality and I personally prefer the grey one.For the first 3 months we didn’t use Ewan as he couldn’t calm our crying baby. Our son was not easy going, had colics, and still is overall a very high alert baby.Until 3 months he only napped in our arms but at that point he also napped a few times on his own. I then decided to use Ewan again to see what happens. I started using the music with the heartbeat and surprisingly it did calm him and it certainly helped him fall asleep on his own. The red light is very appealing to him, and it was actually the first thing he reached out to touch when he started using his hands.I then started using Ewan for our bedtime routine, when nursing started I would put Ewan on. We are now using Ewan for almost every sleep for the last 2 months and our son loves him. The calming music, the red light, he even likes to touch Ewan’s curly fur while falling asleep.Needless to say I am more than happy with the purchase. It’s very difficult to find something calming for a high alert baby but Ewan did it. I am sure he will keep company to my son for a long time and he’ll be one of his favourite toys!

    7 people found this helpful

  3. 40

    by Film fan!

    So simple, but works

    Heard about this product on the ‘baby grapevine’ and thought we’d give it a go. Baby hated it at first and we were a bit cheesed off that we had paid a premium for what is essentially a very simple stuffed toy that makes basic tunes, but 9 weeks in and our little boy loves it and Ewan is his consistent sleep-aid. We mostly use the white noise setting and to be honest a quick search through Youtube would pull up multiple white noise videos and sure these would be as useful, but we can imagine Ewan being a useful soft toy as he gets older and we will make more use of the soft lighting setting when our baby moves into his cot in his own room. Definitely a pricey purchase in the grand scheme of things, but useful overall and can see it lasting for a few years. Maybe a nice gift too for expectant mums and dads.

  4. 40

    by AmandaAmanda

    The best of the best ;))

    Is great hope he is sleeping because of the sheep my Son has seeing and hearing problem but as I am looking at him he was usually weighing crying all the time and I think I am not happy (not to get bad luck) but I am really happy with the product is big but my Son is just little but he still gives hugs xxx. And he I don’t have to rock him for whole time I can actualy sit and relax xxx. Obviously everything takes time to get baby use to the new things but it is just wow . Battery life takes but hmm don’t get me wrong but it gives light and lots of sounds so it is normal and to be honest they do not go off so quick. O yeah for people this thing work in though I did not I was changing 10 times battery lol yeah hahs on that white plastic where are battery are instructions how to turn on and than rightbon the top of sheep legs near to belly are clicking buttons they are different sounds . It took me quite a long time to figure it out xxx

    19 people found this helpful

  5. 40

    by Lauren

    Ewan is a hero

    I owe so much to this little sheep. My son initially slept through the night then the four month sleep regression hit and my son really struggled. Friends suggested Ewan and I was really sceptical but he’s the best purchase we have made with a newborn. The heartbeat setting gets him to sleep and settles him when he stirs.

    One person found this helpful

  6. 40

    by Leanne D Jowett

    My nephew loves it

    Really helps to soothe my nephew to sleep and did become an integral part of his nighttime routine. Unfortunately the battery life is poor and the sounds has also stopped working now. He’s had it for 10 weeks so I’m not very impressed. Also it’s a lot smaller than I originally thought it would be. I wouldn’t buy again, white noise over a speaker would do the same job.

  7. 40

    by Mr K R Wood

    Son loves it

    Soft essy to ylusr

  8. 40

    by Mrs N

    Nighttime without Ewan is unthinkable

    This is our 3rd Ewan – all 3 are well and ‘alive’! (Used at different locations). Our child’s trusty friend since birth (now 3 yo) and a reliable and reassuring sleeping queue.4 soothing heartbeat sounds (popularity changed with age – womb heartbeat only, rain, hoover, melody) easily operated by adults and toddlers by pressing Ewan’s legs, 2 volume settings (quiet setting preferred), light on/off (subtle red light from chest). Round battery/speaker/volume/light control unit is tucked away securely underneath in Ewan’s belly, easily accessed by adults via velcro opening. Screwdriver required for battery changes. Velcro tail to fasten around cot rail or pram (though Ewan is a bit big for use out & about). Very soft & cuddly. Good, durable quality. Nap/nighttime without Ewan is almost unthinkable. Highly recommended!

    One person found this helpful

  9. 40

    by Samantha Powley

    Ours lasted 3 years!

    My son will be 3 years old in 2 weeks & he’s had the sheep (we call her Dolly) since he was 1 day old & she’s only just given up. After about 2 years, 3 of the buttons stopped working, but we weren’t bothered as we only really used the one button which survived (womb & heartbeat) now that button has stopped working. I’ve just purchased a replacement as he loves his Dolly & likes to put her face right up against his for comfort and so he has the pink light close to him (I guess much like the womb). I’ve recommended this sheep to everyone that’s pregnant or struggled with a newborn not sleeping

  10. 40

    by Tilly

    Lovely product

    Love this product, plays lovely heart beat noises and white noise

  11. 40

    by Jeanette Garrad

    Excellent item

    Bought this for my newborn grandson and it was really useful in helping him go to sleep. Love the red light on it and the sounds. Reallly nice product, good value for money.

    2 people found this helpful

  12. 40

    by Amazon Customer

    Great for day naps

    Lovely cuddly toy with a sweet lullaby as well as white noise and heartbeat sounds. I bought this for my 1 month old baby in lieu of a white noise machine. The highest volume is not overly loud and muffled by the cover, but you can just turn the toy on its side if not hanging. Have only used this for a week so far so yet to see how the battery lasts.

    One person found this helpful

  13. 40

    by Eve Aisling

    Some infuriating features but does effectively soothe baby to sleep.

    This product was extremely comforting for my baby who’s used it from birth (now 8 weeks). When she stirs in the night it definitely soothes her back to sleep when turned on. It’s also great at drowning out other noises during the day – such as squeaky floorboards as you walk around the room.My Ewan was faulty (the legs/light intermittently stopped working) but a replacement was sent without issue due to warranty.There are a few extremely irritating things worth noting -It takes three AA batteries and goes through them very quickly. The battery pack can only be accessed with a screwdriver – this is absolutely infuriating when Ewan inevitably runs out of power in the middle of the night.The Velcro on the tail and the battery pack/controls is very noisy – you cannot possibly access these or move Ewan (if attached to the cot via the tail) if the baby is asleep.This original version doesn’t have a cry sensor, I’ve had to order the Deluxe version after being awake most of the night clicking his legs to keep the baby from fully waking. Soul destroying!

  14. 40

    by Amy

    Our number 1 we couldn’t be without!

    We were gifted a Ewan when I fell pregnant and during the first night of baby being unsettled, discovered this little miracle actually works! Baby is now 18 months and we still use it and wouldn’t be without! We bought this one as our gifted Ewan stopped working properly and didn’t play the lullaby. My Dad (another miracle worker) managed to fix our original so we now have a spare. I have recommended Ewan to everyone and cannot song it’s praises enough.

  15. 40

    by Mrs K A Bristow

    Love Ewan

    Every new parent needs a Ewan! I love this, my two children are great sleepers and I’m sure it thanks to Ewan!

  16. 40

    by T M

    Sleep problems no more

    We have brought 6 of these over time everyone has worked a charm. From unsettled nights with little ones to are “they awake! “. Great product and worth every penny to the parents

  17. 40

    by Kindle Customer

    Gran daughter love this

    Brilliant product. New Gran daughter loves this, good volume control and changing rythems, white noise, heartbeat.

  18. 40

    by Daniel Peach

    Really helped in getting my new born to sleep

    My new born really suffers with colic and reflux and was having really bad nights because of this, we heard about this product off a friend and for £30 it was worth a try. It arrived on the Saturday night and it was the best night sleep my little one had, had in weeks he was so relaxed with this in the corner of his next to me crib. I would definitely recommend this product to any new parent

  19. 40

    by Joanne Telford

    Love it

    Only returned as someone bought one for me. Baby reacted to it when still in the womb, and responds to it now he’s here.

  20. 40

    by Jo


    My children love them!

  21. 40

    by Alice Booth

    Great to buy

    Great to use!My son loves to have this next to him when it’s his bedtime.When he wakes up middle of night I play it and he’s back to sleep straight awayDefo recommend

  22. 40

    by Amber


    Brilliant for soothing baby to sleep. Still use is as a sleep aid now 11 months later! If baby wakes at night, we turn this on and baby is back to sleep in no time. Only this is that it eats batteries so make sure you stock up.

  23. 40

    by Katie Leason

    Perfect! Daughter loves it

    Wish I’d had this when my other 3 were babies

  24. 40

    by Rachel

    Soothing product for fussy little ones

    Brilliant! 4 sounds to use from each sheep leg. This really helps my son settle down for naps no end!As used at the begining of his birth I’ve had to change batteries sooner than I thought which was a little annoying and also it would be better if the sound could carry on longer than (20minutes I think) because as we all know little ones struggle to set off to sleep sometimes! The cost is also a little steep for what it is but if you are a stressed out parent that struggles at naptimes then it is worth it.

  25. 40

    by Emma15

    A baby must have babies

    Ewan is the best thing to ever happen to us.My 8 month old struggled with transitioning into a cot from her crib.I wasn’t sure if he would work but we’d always used white noise on her fussier days which don’t happen often.1st night in her cot with Ewan. She was snoring her little head off in 5 mins with no one in the room or stroking her head.Every night is the same. It’s been best thing we’ve ever used and would totally recommend it as a must have.My little one is back to sleeping 12 hours a nightIt’s really soft, the Velcro strap works great too.

  26. 40

    by Sarah Moss

    I recommend this product

    The only reason I won’t be giving this 5 stars is it isn’t loud enough in the first few weeks, even on the loudest setting. Now our daughter is 6 weeks it works wonders.Anytime there’s too much going on, or she’s stirring a lot in her sleep I put Ewan on and it settles her, nearly without fail.Ewan is super soft, easy to use and the battery life is excellent.Our favourite setting is the music one, it’s so soft and relaxing. Anytime it plays it makes us all want to fall asleep!I would definitely recommend this product.

  27. 40

    by lee andrews


    My Grandaughter loves this. A great buy

  28. 40

    by Florina

    Going strong after 2yrs

    Amazing product. Going strong after 2yrs of use. Took it everywhere. My daughter can’t sleep without it. Perfect!!! Thank you x

    One person found this helpful

  29. 40

    by Mr C J Mondahl

    Essential piece of kit for a new baby

    We bought this to help our new born Grandson with relaxing & sleeping, his parents tell us it’s a godsend!

  30. 40

    by nicola mcclare

    Must have!

    This is the number one must have item for any parents of a baby! Total life saver/game changer! Helped get my son to sleep brilliantly when he was a baby. He was never a settled baby due to CMPA and struggled to settle anywhere. When I purchased this I wasn’t expecting miracles but it did just that! Took it everywhere with us. Think he had 2 as needed a back up in case the other got lost of stopped working.Great value for money, lovely soft so will not hurt baby. It’s tail you can strap around the cot so they don’t move it onto their face.Battery life is reasonable, just make sure you have good long lasting batteries in stock. Happy baby, happy parents!

    One person found this helpful

  31. 40

    by Linda Devenney

    Doesn’t play

    Only got this on Tuesday and now each mode only plays for 40 seconds and then turns off ! I have put in new batteries and still the same problem

  32. 40

    by Mihai StanMihai Stan

    Comes with no batteries. Really?

    The media could not be loaded.

     It comes with no batteries, be warned!!! Imagine needing this one badly and you have to go to the shop to get 3 lousy batteries to get this working. £30 for a plush toy with sounds and no batteries. Guys, be warned! Good quality, see how long it will last

  33. 40

    by diane hewitt


    So happy with it. Once we had sorted out how it turned on and off

    One person found this helpful

  34. 40

    by Daniel KDaniel K

    Our #1 baby purchase!

    We were bought this as a gift by someone last year – it’s been so good to us that we’ve bought it and gifted it back to them for their newborn!We attached Ewan (using the strap provided) to the top of the cot. When you press his foot a gentle red light comes on and he makes the sound of white noise with a heartbeat – apparently this is similar to the sound inside the womb. It stops after about 10 mins from memory. It certainly worked for our baby – it settled her straight away pretty much every tine. We used it when putting her down at night, but didn’t use it in the day.Ewan is very soft and the colour is neutral so would match any nursery decor if that’s a concern for you.The red light is also a really handy night light, so you can see what they are up to.We stopped using it around 8 months. Batteries last really well (worth using rechargeables though).

    One person found this helpful

  35. 40

    by Amazon Customer

    Definitely recommend

    Bought this as a gift and it’s been a life saver for them, even the parents find it relaxing. Makes a lovely gift

  36. 40

    by Marcie

    My boy love ewan

    My baby love ewan ,is so good recommended to a lot frends

    One person found this helpful

  37. 40

    by Roosie

    We love Ewan!!

    We all love Ewan in our house!! We had Ewan with my first born and he really did work! For my second child my eldest asked for another sleep sound animal who didn’t quite cut the mustard so we went back to Ewan and the little one sleeps so much better!!I do wish I had the sensor one as sometimes 20 minutes isn’t long enough for him to fully drift off but we love Ewan!!Oh and the lady who said she didn’t know how to turn Ewan off clearly didn’t read the instructions. It clearly says to press and hold any of his buttons for 5 seconds on the instructions and the packaging (a quick Google will tell you this too).

  38. 40

    by Jules K.

    Our family’s new best friend

    We have a 10 day-old at home, who loves sleeping during the day but really doesn’t enjoy the dark and quiet nights. Within 20 minutes of tactically deploying Ewan, the entire family was fast asleep. It helped her drift off between feeds. I’m not sure if there’s voodoo or black magic at play here, but this was the best £30 I spent this week.

  39. 40

    by Robyn butterworth

    Great really helps my baby settle

    Amazing product don’t know where I would be without it

  40. 40

    by sophie

    Ewan is a good purchase

    I personally didn’t think these thinks worked, where they play sounds and baby falls asleep. But… Ewan worked wonders. Albeit he doesn’t work all the time but since getting him he has been an amazing distraction to my 4 month old and my baby has managed to sooth himself to sleep a few times now whilst watching the red glow and listening to the heart beating sound. My husband and I were starting to get very tired of constant rocking and trying to get him down, but with Ewan and probably quite a lot of help from a newly introduced dummy, we lay him in his cot, turn Ewan on and he slowly drifts away. This isn’t every time but its a really good start to him starting to self soothe.One disadvantage to ewan is the attachment strap is quite long and he hangs down a bit in the next to me crib which is dangerous for a baby, so we’ve secures him another way. It’s probably different in a proper cot though.

    One person found this helpful

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